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Is AnastasiaDate legit? Does it stand out among other Slavic brides websites? Is the service expensive, and is it worth the money you pay? Can you really find love here? These and plenty of other questions pop up in the head of any newcomer. It is much easier if you are just searching for some fun online? Chatting with girls from another land might be very satisfying, even if you do not intend ever to see them in your life. But what if this is not the case? What if one is searching for a true feeling? Can he trust this site with his heart, his hopes, and, none of the less importance, his money? Let’s find out all about AnastasiaDate together in our detailed review!

What Is Dating Experience on AnastasiaDate Like?

What Is Dating Experience on AnastasiaDate Like

AnastasiaDate has been there for lonely hearts from around the globe since 1997. Started in the early 90s as a small family business, it has grown to an influential and renowned dating platform with tens of millions of users. Its success can be explained with the target audience chosen quite wisely — men from the West searching for Slavic ladies to marry. Men keep coming here because these girls’ beauty and family values will never go out of style. And girls from post-Soviet countries are still interested in western princes, so there is no lack of them, either. Multiple couples have fallen in love in AnastasiaDate chat rooms and got married. Yet, a lot of users complain about fraudulent activity on this site. Thus, the feedback we came across is controversial. But can it all be true, or one of these user groups is lying? We have conducted our own research to show you the real picture.

One needs no special knowledge to understand how this site works. Everything is logically placed, and every section can be opened in seconds. AnastasiaDate Team has prepared a lot of useful information for their users. Here, one can get dating advice, security tips, and more.

All the features of the desktop are also available for Android users. The mobile app is free and works like a clock. Unfortunately, there is no app for IOs yet, but we believe the company will fix it as soon as possible because they really cherish their clients’ comfort.

Who Signs Up AnastasiaDate and Why

Who Signs Up AnastasiaDate and Why

The site is extremely popular in both hemispheres, as the statistics show that about 4,000 people log in on a daily basis. The overall database achieves the number of 20 million members from many countries. Men mostly come from the US and Europe, while ladies here are from Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia, and other spots in Eastern Europe.

There are more women than men here, which is quite favorable for a single gentleman because he has a wider choice. Nevertheless, the gender ratio is rather balanced, so ladies don’t have to fight over every bachelor and can enjoy enough attention. After all, if her destiny doesn’t have an account yet, who knows, maybe, he will sign up tomorrow.

On AnastasiaDate, one can meet users of any age. The most numerous age group, however, is people between 25 and 35 years old. All members must be at least 18 when they sign up. This issue is particularly checked at the stage of registration.

The users are subdivided into groups that reflect their lifestyles or interests. One may join Nature Girls, Fitness-Fans, Sun-Seekers, Animal Lovers, or City Trippers. These groups can also be used as an extra search criterion for you to find a more suitable match.

Will My Bride Come to Me?

The majority of both male and female users are here for long-term commitment. That is why AnastasiaDate is considered to be a platform for marriage, not NSA one-night stands. Besides, this kind of relationship will be hard to find here, given that the parties are thousands of miles away from each other. True love, in contrast, can be found anywhere, and people will change their location for it more willingly than for a mere hookup. On AnastasiaDate, like on most dating websites of the sort, it is implied that a woman will move to her husband’s country. The reasons are as follows: she wants to or/and she is not that attached to her homeland at work.

But! One should acknowledge that these days, this is nothing more than a stereotype. A lot of women on AnastasiaDate are quite well-off, so they don’t strive to leave their countries. If you come to an agreement, a lady you choose might consider this option. On the other hand, it often happens that the husband-to-be moves to his future wife’s place if he wants to. As an alternative, a new couple can choose a completely new location to live as a family. Why? Because those who found love on AnastasiaDate understand that it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you are happy together.

Is It Hard to Become an AnastasiaDate user?

No, it is not hard at all. The whole thing will take a person several minutes before starting a wonderful journey to the world of online dating. It is possible to build an account from scratch or log in with your Google or Facebook profile. Indicate your gender and the gender of the one you are searching for. Choose a username and password. An email address is required mostly for sending you a verification link to follow, which is a must for everyone.

Since most users are here to start a committed relationship that might end up in marriage, they are strongly advised to provide as much personal information as possible. First, it shows that their intentions are serious. And secondly, it promises a better match. Still, it is not obligatory. Moreover, if you want more people to get interested in your profile, you probably shouldn’t give too many facts about yourself. Instead, tell about your dreams, goals, interests, the qualities you are seeking in a potential partner, things you value in marriage, etc. It is more inspiring to start a conversation than rambling on your job or extended family. Add some photos to show you the way you want to be seen by your future spouse. The more you are willing to share, the more you will receive in return.

In addition, detailed profiles will add your profile more credibility. While gentlemen fear to come across scammers who will rip them off, ladies are afraid of perverts who will make fun of them. So, if you are a man searching for a wife in Eastern Europe, there are more chances you’ll find one if your page on AnastasiaDate is filled out.

Prices on AnastasiaDate

Just like it is the case with other services, AnastasiaDate allows one to start for free. There is no registration fee whatsoever. Adding all the info we’ve mentioned is out of charge too. There is nothing special in that, of course, but some sites still ask of to pay for signing up. In 2020, it seems ridiculous because no one would do that, and this is not how the businesses work. Yet, some dishonest platforms still try to scam users right from the beginning. One would get lucky if they get something for this money. But usually, they will see neither their money nor any other real users on those sites.

As said, AnastasiaDate doesn’t have such issues, and people can look around safely. More than that, any non-paying member can search for profiles and receive messages. This is not much, but it is enough to choose for yourself whether you want to pay for AnastasiaDate services or not. To communicate, a user should pay. A lot, as compared to other hookup websites. The site’s work is based on purchasing different packages of credits. This is a massive disappointment for those who are sick and tired of this credit system of the 1990s. But as opposed to its competitors that also use credits, AnastasiaDate gives one the choice of 14 (!) packages — from 20 to 5,000 credits. Their prices, respectively, vary from $15.99 to $1,899. You may not be ready to spend the max sum right away, but remember that the more credits are bought, the cheaper they get. So, maybe, it is reasonable to pick something in the middle.

There are only two payment options on AnastasiaDate — a credit card or PayPal.

What Do I Get with Credits?

Anything — from an opportunity to send a message to a real-life gift for a lady — is bought with credits. Thus, a paying member is the only one who can actually interact on this site. Besides conventional messaging, guys with credits can talk to women on the phone or via a video chat. This makes their connection with a lady very life-like and much more secure.

Men can also show their respect to ladies by sending them gifts, virtual or real. The latter is delivered by the agency to the girl and, upon getting it, she might send you a picture with a gift to express her gratitude.

AnastasiaDate Users’ Feedback

I’ve never been 100% sure what woman I would like to marry. That is why I tried several dating platforms working with girls from different parts of the world. Most sites are developed the same, no matter whether they offer one to meet Asian girls, Latinas, or Russians. After several attempts, I got on AnastasiaDate and was surprised that here things are different. The main advantage, in my mind, is that I can order a phone call and speak directly to a girl, not some ‘translator.’ Unless she knows English, it will not be too informative. But I, at least, I can tell if the one I like is real. Unfortunately, this is really hard to do on other sites, although their prices are only a little lower.

So, for now, I’m sticking to AnastasiaDate, despite the fact it is expensive. I’ve ‘checked’ a couple of girls on the phone and now can chat with them freely, without being afraid of the fraud.

Luke, 34.

Well, just as I thought, there are fake profiles on AnastasiaDate. Today, I clearly got a message written by a bot. On the bright side, it was possible to contact the support immediately and make sure that this user will never contact anyone else. Still, be very attentive when a woman writes to you for the first time.

I think that no matter what site you sign up, such situations are inevitable. Thanks to the team for reacting quickly. Such support is one of the main reasons I didn’t leave at once. Another reason is girls! How pretty they all are here! At first, I was worried that these are some model pictures stolen from the web. But later, I found out that all girls are offered a professional photoshoot. With all my heart, I hope that one of these gorgeous ladies will become my wife.

Stan, 51.

Final Word

AnastasiaDate is one of many mail order brides sites that has its pros and cons. Those who are new to online dating will get stunned with the abundance of beauties wishing to start a family with a decent man from abroad. Experienced users will point out that some profiles are fake, although the site is constantly working on banning anyone with ill intentions. Luckily, any suspicious individual can be reported and blocked right away. Prices are another issue, as here, one will most likely spend more than on many other dating platforms. But you should be aware that your online security is highly important. And if you have a couple of extra bucks, it is sensible to register on a site like AnastasiaDate that cares about its users’ safety.

Today, love is found anywhere because we are not restricted by distances anymore. Oceans and miles do not stand in the way when it comes to bringing two hearts together. AnastasiaDate has been proving it throughout decades, and you can really come across your beloved one here.