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Shaadi Review 2022

Shaadi Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 1 752 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a smart search feature with more than 24 filters that are based on faith, astrology, and personality
  • Profiles are screened out properly with strict registration and verification process
  • The chatroom is available to exchange messages with members
  • With a broad matchmaking algorithm
  • The website is open only for heterosexual matrimonies
  • It has a lot of ads, even for members who are paying a premium

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What’s Shaadi All About?

It can be daunting to find your one true love, but with the help of modern tools around, there is hope for you to navigate the dating scene. We are talking about a little help from Shaadi.com. This niche website offers matrimonial service to singles for Indians and with Indian heritage all over the world. Let’s see more in our Shaadi review!

Founded in 1996 by Anupam Mittal, Shaadi.com is a popular website with more than 20 million members. It has received various awards through the years, including the Most Trusted and People’s Choice. With an impressive resume, it is the largest matrimonial service globally and redefines the way modern Indian bride and grooms meet.

Do we know that it boasts millions of subscribers and earned countless accolades, but are there any downsides to this dating website? The answer is in this Shaadi review. We have taken a closer look at the site to see if it’s really worth signing up.

Is Shaadi Legit? Let’s See!

This matrimonial service website offers a safe and secure environment for members to find their life partner. The members on this dating website are properly checked. It is done to make sure that the contents are appropriate and exhibit pleasant behaviors. In case they encounter such, the site provides an easy to access the reporting system for abusive members and messages.

Aside from proper systems in place, Shaadi is also persistent in reminding its members to be vigilant to stay safe online. It has a blog section on the site where you can find articles that advise how to avoid scammers. Among the behaviors that could lead to scams include a member asking you to proceed with the chat outside the site. Another sign is if he or she is asking for money.

Members should avoid them and should let the website know about them immediately. Aside from the security of its members, it also uses the highest security level for your personal data and financial transactions. Let’s now move on with this Shaadi review.

Membership Structure

Membership Structure

There is not enough information about the members of Shaadi.com. Even the website gives clear demographics. What is definite, however, is the site is aimed at single males who are looking for serious relationships that could lead to marriage.

In the US alone, there are about a million subscribers. There are more than 65,000 members active weekly. Its core market is singles from India, but the members are spread across the globe. Shaadi.com has offices in different countries too, namely the US, UK, Canada, and the UAE.

What is fascinating about this online dating website is its membership is open to everyone, even those who are physically and mentally challenged or diagnosed with HIV.

Another unique feature of the website that you won’t find anywhere else is Shaadi allowing family members to access the member’s account. Since its members are Indian, it is customary for families to have a say on the marriage. As such, they can review the match with a matchmaker service offered by the site in India’s offices.

Main Sexual Orientations

Shaadi has filled the gap in the niche online dating website. The website only allows for heterosexual relationships (Males to Females only) due to religious reasons. It is ideal for women because there are more male members. The members here are divorced, widowed, and single.

  • 25% are females
  • 75% are males

What’s The Age Distribution?

The website targets men and women between the age of 25 and 40. As you can see by the biggest age groups, it differs from another mainstream online dating website. On this website, more members are looking for serious and long-term relationships that can lead to a walk down the aisle.

Signing Up on Shaadi

Signing up at Shaadi.com is more extensive than most dating websites. It’s geared towards more meaningful relationships and not hookups. Besides the standard information that is asked when signing up, you also need to inform who this account is for.

Aside from the user’s bio-data, the website will also ask about your residency and location, educational background, race, occupation and yearly income, faith, and physique and lifestyle.

Yes, it’s very particular about your personal information because it will determine whether you are fit to be a prospective bride or groom.

The website allows you to sign-up for others. It can be an all-access ticket for fake accounts, but Shaadi is very strict on its verification process. It will send a one-time password to the registered phone number. After the verification process is another curveball, it will ask for legal documents to verify your identity. And the last step is to connect your social media account and uploading of photos.

While the Shaadi team screes and verifies all the information that you have provided, the photos will not be available for viewing. Although the process is lengthy, it is the most notable quality of the website. It also ensures the safety of its registered members.

Let’s now move on with this Shaadi review.

Here's How Profile Creation Works

Here’s How Profile Creation Works

The quality of profiles at Shaadi.com is extensive due to its thorough registration process. The good news is, the contents of these profiles can be viewed for free, except for the contact information. It is available for premium members only.

The profiles contain information about the member’s career and educational background, their physique, annual income, location, age, astrological signs, and faith. The annual income is for matchmaking purposes only and can be hidden using the privacy settings. You can also add a short paragraph about yourself if you want.

Members can upload their photos at the photo gallery, but these are screened before the members view it. They also have to follow the guidelines. You can upload the images from your computer, Facebook, mobile phone, or email them to the website. The photos will be screened, optimized, and can be viewed within a few hours. There is a “Hidden Photo” feature, which can be viewed by the premium members too.

Messaging & Contacting Other Users

We also need to mention in this Shaadi review that there are two simple mechanics to look for potential matches. It does not veer away from the standards, with only a few exceptions.

First, you can use the smart search bar to find profiles. It allows the users to filter according to the criteria they selected. This search tool has five modes where you can use 24+ filters to get the best results.

The other search option is by using “Matches. This feature will show recommended profiles based on your preferences. You can use this feature by setting the parameters to get matches. It can be according to proximity, exactness to your preferences, and members who meet your criteria.

Once you have found a possible match, you can show interest or shortlist them. The only limitation that Shaadi.com presents is that only the premium members can send direct messages to other members. The non-paying members can respond to messages only if premium users send it.

The messaging interface of the website does not differ from other online dating websites. It uses the standard instant chat and inbox features. You can also set your status to online, offline, or invisible.

Premium members can directly contact their match using SMS or email. Yet, a member has to “accept interest” to show that they are also interested. They can decline the interest or cancel it if they change their mind.

Shaadi.com has a complicated process in connecting its members. The reason is members have to pay for membership before they can start conversations. Well, I guess that is an integral process of serious dating.

The Platform: What You Need to Know

The Platform: What You Need to Know

The Shaadi.com website is easy to use. Its toolbar gives its members access to the most pertinent features like messaging and a list of contacts. Members can also have easy access to search options they can use when looking for a prospective match.


The desktop version of this online dating app has user-friendly features. Although it has a time-consuming and detailed sign-up process, once you are a member, you can proceed to scroll through the members to match the criteria you have set.

The site’s smart search feature is an innovative feature that you can find anywhere else. Users can use filters based on keywords or certain criteria that you have answered in the profile. Finding and shortlisting profiles at the site is easy and straightforward.

But you should sign up for the premium membership to be able to communicate with our prospects. It will also save you from the irritating ads that may distract you when using the site.

Mobile App

In this Shaadi review, we also need to mention that the mobile app is free for download for iOS and Android users. According to other reviews, and we agreed with them on this, this is a well-designed app. It has a sleek and simple interface that is fluid and easy to use.

You can browse through the profiles by swiping. It is not something new as other dating websites have already used these mechanics long before. What’s new is the “Surprise Me” feature. The match recommendations are prompted by shaking the phone.

Other than that, much of the desktop version’s functionalities are retained by the mobile app version. Features like smart search, matches, and chats are the same. It does but integrates some of its main services to the on-the-go option. It has the live and push notifications for any new developments in your matchmaking saga.

Design and Usability: Is It Fast

Design and Usability: Is It Fast?

The Shaadi website has a simple and straightforward design with a two-tone color scheme. It seems to be a common theme among many dating websites to avoid distractions. It has many attractive photos and other elements used in multimedia sites to let those who visit the site a feel of what it’s all about.

Since you have a simple website, these help those who have loading problems due to slow internet. It can contribute to the ease of use, even with its many features and information. It also has a smart flow, which gives the user a richer experience without the hassle.

The downside of Shaadi.com’s design and usability is the “About Us” page. When you click this, it will redirect you to an outdated and different website. Another feature that we don’t like is the banner advertisements from the website’s affiliates and sponsors. It does not go away even for paying members.

Let’s now move on with this Shaadi review.

The best thing about this website is it’s easy to navigate. Thanks to its layout and strategically placed toolbar, users can give the members quick access to the most pertinent tools like contacts and messages.

What Are The Shaadi Costs and Prices?

The membership at this online dating website is free, but to fully enjoy all the features, you need to pay for a premium membership.

Here is how much a membership at the website costs.

Duration Type Costs Total
3 Months Gold $32.33 / Month $97.00
3 Months Gold Plus $39.67 / Month $119.00
6 Months Diamond $24.50 / Month $147.00
6 Months Diamond Plus $31.17 / Month $187.00
12 Months Platinum Plus $22.42 / Month $296.00

Shaadi.com offers Personalized plans to its clients. The pricing scheme and services for three or six months’ duration. Compared with another niche online dating website, Shaadi has more expensive rates.

Free Services and Paid Services

A standard membership at Shaadi.com is free and gives you access to the Shaadi.com blog and view other members’ photos if they are public. Here are the features available for free.

Free Services

  • Look at the registered users’ profiles
  • Show interests to other users
  • Create and revised the profile
  • Read the Shaadi.com blog
  • View the public photos of users

Fee-Based Services

The website has different membership packages available. Here are the Premium and Premium Plus packages and their services.


  • Send messages without limit
  • Look at 75 phone numbers of members
  • View the hidden photos
  • Get premium assistance

Gold Plus

  • Send messages without limit
  • Look at 75 phone numbers of members
  • View the hidden photos
  • Get premium help
  • Get the top spot on the search results
  • Get highlighted on your matches


  • Send messages without limit
  • Look at 150 phone numbers of members
  • View the hidden photos
  • Get premium assistance

Diamond Plus

  • Send messages without limit
  • Look at 600 phone numbers of members
  • View the hidden photos
  • Get premium help
  • Get premium help
  • Get the top spot on the search results
  • Get highlighted on your matches

Personalized Packages

In this package, you will be assigned a dedicated relationship advisor who will give you suggestions for your matches. The advisor can also arrange a meeting with your prospects and get to enjoy the benefits of a premium member.

Payment Methods & How They Work

Payment Methods & How They Work

There are four options to pay for membership on this website:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • PayPal

Payment Process

All debit and credit cards and internet banking are accepted as payment on this website. Once the payment is made, the membership will be upgraded immediately. There are offers and discounts offered here to encourage its free members to upgrade.

Safety & Security Information

Shaadi.com has Geotrust Certification, which means that all your online payments and credit card details are absolutely safe. It uses a secure SSL encryption technology for its payment transaction, which is the highest standard available.

To keep the website from scammers, it has reliable abuse prevention and detection systems. You can report any suspected behaviors and actions to the site, and the customer service team will act promptly. All displayed phone numbers of members on the website are legit too.

Reported Scams About Shaadi

Reported Scams About Shaadi

There are many reports about fake accounts on Shaadi websites that are undifferentiated from the real ones. It is quite surprising considering the lengths that members have to go through to get their information verified.

The website is very clear on how to check if the members are verified. You only have to check the verified icon to make sure.

Are There Any Special Features?

When it comes to special features, Shaadi has gone the extra mile. These features can help members with matchmaking.

  • Smart Search – It can help you filter your search based on more than 24 criteria.
  • Who Viewed My Profile – You can see who checked you out under the “Recent Visitors” feature. It can be useful as you may end up liking them when you look at their profiles.
  • Select Shaadi – For extra dollars, you can use this Shaadi.com personalized matchmaking service. It includes a dedicated advisor, arranged meet-ups with matches, and handpicked profiles.
  • ShaadiLive and ShaadiTV – These are more resources that can help with relationship issues.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Shaadi.com is a perfect choice if you are looking for a serious relationship through an online dating website for Indian singles. It is a no-nonsense website with a meticulous registration process. However, this process also safeguards the members from fake accounts and scammers. The lengthy verification helps find the perfect match.

The free account has limited access to features and will not land you a partner unless you upgrade your membership to premium. It is easy to navigate and is user-friendly. It does not come without a flaw—a bit too many ads—but it is good for those who have dedicated hearts and wallets.

We hoped you enjoyed this Shaadi review!

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