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Hot or Not Review 2023

Hot or Not Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 22-28
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Enormous data base of users;
  • Not many fake accounts;
  • Free of cost subscription;
  • Possibility to block other members;
  • Handy and stylish interface;
  • Free profiles browsing option;
  • You can see when users were last seen on Hot or Not website;
  • iOS and Android versions of the application is available;
  • Fun and entertaining online chat room for meeting others;
  • Available paid subscription plans;
  • Detailed Hot or Not members’ profiles;
  • Majority profiles are carefully verified by the moderators.
  • Certain features are limited for standard users;
  • No useful search tools;
  • People will judge you by your look much more than the personality you represent on the Hot or Not website.

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What Is a Hot or Not Website?

What Is a Hot or Not Website?

We have created this Hot or Not review for people who have a strong desire to find someone special but do not know where and how. You will be able to understand why you should give online dating a try, as this industry is at its high peak right now. Newcomers find it challenging to enter the virtual flirting world. In this Hot or Not review,you will find tips for online dating to consider. The idea persists that virtual flirting on the computer or via a dating app on a smartphone is much easier than the real one. Online dating is a much more convenient option for many than speaking to someone in the nearest bar because you don’t face the potential conquest face to face. Another reason is that nervousness and tension are not transmitted via the network. All of that is correct. That is why in 2000, James Hong and Jim Young created a simple website, which initially had the name “Am I Hot or Not.” The idea was pretty simple; you had to rate photos of others and give them points from 1 to 10. It inspired many new social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube. Today, the Hot or Not hookup platform is a place for more than 384 million members worldwide.

The reasons for the growing popularity of dating sites can be attributed to two main factors: the first is the fact that this is a time-efficient way to date after the busy day. In the 21st century, every minute of a person is of paramount importance. The second reason, even if it sounds a little brutal, is that it’s a far safer way to get a result. Unexpected progress can be embarrassing on both sides and even make you appear like a kind of stalker. Adapting to this idea may take some getting used to, but if you go with the flow and use common sense and caution, you’ll be surprised at how easy and fun it is. A few important things to consider are:

  1. Spend some time building your online Hot or Not profile with some thoughtful, personal information that highlights your best personalities. However, be sure to keep this information accurate and honest to avoid misunderstandings when you first reach this date.
  2. Do not rush in and let yourself be fooled too quickly, as not everyone is always what they seem. Take care of your confidential and sensitive personal information on Hot or Not website at an early stage, especially when it comes to money matters.
  3. Be confident and friendly and remember that not all contacts lead to a date, and not all first appointments lead to more. You will probably need to make some efforts before you find someone to click with.

Who Are the Members of the Hot or Not Dating Platform?

Who Are the Members of the Hot or Not Dating Platform?

The Hot or Not website is an excellent place for both genders, all races, religions, or sexual orientation. Men are the more substantial part of the community. The site has around 1 million new users every day, and more than 165 million participants are from the USA. Daily active joiners number go up to 1.5 million at any time. Whether you are here for short hookups or long-term relationships, you must be over 18. The registration process is more strict for men. Women, on the other hand, can get a premium trial for three days after signing.

Sexual Orientation on Hot or Not Website

The majority of users are male. Maybe that is why there is a stricter process for Hot or Not website registration. All profiles have to be detailed and carefully verified by the technical team of the Hot or Not site.

Age Distribution Of the Hot Or Not Platform

  • 40% of members on the Hot or Not website are from 25 to 34 years old.
  • 30% are in the 18-24 age range.
  • 20% of men and females are from 35 to 54 years old.
  • 10% consists of members older than 55 years old.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info on the Hot or Not Website

Sign-Up Process & Login Info on the Hot or Not Website

A. Register with the help of Facebook, MSN account. B. Signing up with Facebook will speed up the process because the Hot or Not website automatically takes your name and profile photos (6 or 7 latest ones). C. Register from scratch: complete a few tabs and download a couple of recent pictures of you to start using the Hot or Not site.

Profile Quality and Creation on Hot or Not Platform

There are specific rules that apply to online dating, so-called community administrators; they are formulated in the general business conditions of the respective pages. A few unwritten rules for partner search and online dating tips, however, can not be found there. Here are the most important ones:

  1. The nickname gives the first impression and should, therefore, be chosen carefully on Hot or Not. The combination of first name and age is widespread these days. However, it can be assumed that Bernd55 is, in all likelihood, older than he claims to be. According to non-representative surveys, the delta is at least five years, or even more, for figures above 60. An absolute fundamental skepticism is therefore appropriate unless you are a geriatric nurse and consciously seek the challenge.
  2. The profile is like a business card and essential if you want it to work on the Hot or Not online dating. It is crucial to interpret relevant keywords quickly and correctly. Whoever describes himself as an “idiosyncratic lateral thinker” is probably more of a madman, the “romantic in need of love,” maybe a desperate woman with a relevant biography.
  3. Flirting online between two unknown people has its advantages. There is no need to fear stutterers, and you can flicker a little without being afraid of red spots on your face. However, the situation is different with nuances and subtext, which are always present in real conversations. Tone and mood are difficult to interpret in virtual chat; even irony rarely works in written form, and certainly not if you do not know your counterpart and its peculiarities. Therefore: be sure to leave it; otherwise, it won’t work on the Hot or Not platform! In general, news should be kept short. Nobody wants to read epic mails from a stranger. Avoid explicit,sexist vocabulary. The community administrator could collect the message, and your access will be blocked.

Messaging And First Contacts On Hot Or Not

The Hot or Not website has an efficient swiping system. Get matched with another person and start communicating. If you are afraid of scams and fake profiles, you have an option for chatting only with checked members. So, do not hesitate to chat right after your verification.

Platforms for Use

Platforms for Use

Hot Or Not Desktop Version

The Hot or Not desktop version has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation process. It allows you to see scores of other people and your own as well. Switching from one feature to another by using a toggle is more straightforward on the desktop version. It is especially useful to know if you want to modify the premium transactions.

Hot Or Not App Version

The mobile application has a simple interface, facilitating communication with other members. You do not need to have a reliable device to utilize the platform. Download theHot or Not mobile application for free of cost from the App Store as well as Google Play. All the characteristics and features of the desktop version are available in the application version too. Download it today and use the website wherever you go.

The Hot Or Not Review From Real Life

(Female, 30 years old) Hello everybody, I have been looking for a permanent partner for almost a year. In my wildest dream, I did not expect that it would be so difficult. My sister warned me about online dating. She said that there is only the “leftover” who no woman wants. I didn’t want to believe her and wanted to try it. I registered on a cheap online dating website, but the reality seems to be the way my sister described. I have dated all kinds of deterrent types of men. There was the mother’s son, who hadn’t cut himself off from home at 30 and never had a real relationship. Then there is a macho, who liked to lie to his advantage and has proven to be a total egoist. The arrogant handsome who is looking for the absolute dream woman and who is not good enough. The desperate one who is just searching for a shoulder to cry on but is not yet ready for a new relationship. After I registered on the Hot or Not website, I got to know a couple of interesting men. This time I did not rush and took my time. I was chatting with each one of them at least for two months straight before making any conclusions. When I went on a couple of unsuccessful dates, I was almost losing my hope. One day I received a message from Tom. There was something special about him. We met after one week of online dating and since then never stayed apart. I met Tom’s parents on Easter day. They are a lovely family. If everything goes well, we plan to celebrate our wedding next summer. Thank you,Hot or Not, you helped me to find my true love!

Design and Usability of the Hot or Not Website

Design and Usability of the Hot or Not Website

The Hot or Not platform is very similar to Badoo, because of the same interface, color range, and font. We are not saying that it is something negative. The site has stylish and up to date touch with its white scene, well-organized navigation, and modern layout.

Cost and Prices for Hot or Not Memberships

The prices for the Hot or Not subscription seem to be pretty reasonable, see for yourself:

  • 1 Week— 3.99 USD / Week
  • 1 Month— 12.99 USD / Month—12.99 USD
  • 3 Months— 10.66 USD / Month—31.99 USD
  • 6 Months— 8.00 USD / Month—47.99 USD

As you probably have already noticed, the longer the period of the membership, the more you save.

As a free user, you can:

  • Create your application
  • Down loaded many pictures
  • Be matched with other users
  • Communicate with others
  • Surf freely throughout profiles
  • Check out photos

Once you pay for Hot or Not membership, you can:

  • Change your mind and undo your choices
  • Get a highlighted spot in the search tab on Hot or Not website
  • Encounters page will mention your profile more frequently
  • Send presents
  • Add emojis to the chat room
  • Stay incognito and see other profiles without being tracked
Paid Vs Free Access On Hot Or Not Platform

Payment Systems Available On the Hot Or Not Website

  • Card (whether it is debit or credit).
  • PayPal.
  • With the help of your mobile.

Besides the premium packages offered above, you can purchase a Life-time one, which costs $79.99. The one day trial of such membership will cost you only $0.79. Do not forget that women intended to stay on Hot or Not receives three-day probation for free. For a man to get this exclusive trial pack, they have to send multiple invitation emails to their contacts. To activate premium membership, simply use your bank card, PayPal, message the Hot or Not website via SMS, or utilize your app account.

Safety and Security

A brief look will make you think the Hot or Not website is not a serious one and definitely does not have high safety standards. Our Hot or Not review had a goal to find out if that is a case. After some time spent on a more in-depth examination, we discovered that Hot or Not does not have significant issues with its safety. Nonetheless, some users complain that there are many fake applications. We cannot be 100% sure of this information, that is why we will conclude in this Hot or Not review that you can meet fake profiles occasionally.

Is Hot or Not a Scam?

Is Hot or Not a Scam?

It is not, but extra alertness will not harm you. Remember also, that sometimes when flirting or erotic chatting, the person opposite is often a paid employee. Numerous online dating portals advertise with real, private contacts—but rely on fake profiles. This is the result of a market guard search in the terms and conditions of the providers. To avoid being fooled, in this Hot or Not review, we would recommend you to register on this website without using your Facebook profile, since it will create a leak of information between two domains. In addition to this, report all fakes to the technical team. In this way, you will stay safe and prevent others from being tricked.

Unique Features of Hot or Not Website

The main feature of Hot or Not is “Encounters.” With the help of it, you can swipe left or right other profiles and choose whom you like. More people elect you — higher is your rating. Another useful feature to show your interest in someone is “Gifts.” Send ice cream or cupcakes directly to the recipient in public or private. Last but not least, a handy feature on the Hot or Not platform is stickers. Once you buy them, they never expire.



  1. Can I cheat on my single exchange profile on Hot or Not website? It is legitimate to prettify your biography; after all, it is essential to highlight advantages and conceal shortcomings. It is not cheating, but rather logical, because that’s how the business works — especially(!) in terms of flirting and online dating. Not addressing weaknesses in the profile directly serves one’s market value; decorating certain phases of life can be booked under design tolerance. In case of doubt, remember “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!” However, one should not exaggerate. If you pretend to be a rockstar, you will have to justify yourself at some point when online dating becomes a reality.
  2. What are the chances of success in an online dating Hot or Not website? With catchy advertising slogans, the single exchanges of corresponding internet offers suggest that nothing is more comfortable than finding a partner. “Enjoy the summer — for two,” people often say: “Love is no accident.” It sounds like you just have to register quickly, and nothing is standing in the way of a happy future. It would be nice. But it is not realistic. The dating sites estimate that the success rate in finding a partner is 30 to 40%.
  3. How do I build my network? Build your database of acquaintances and favorites; maybe they will become your soul mate, your love, or a lover! Interaction on Hot or Not is all about getting to know new people, entertainment, and relationship experiments. Your network is composed of:
  • Friends
  • Favorites
  • Fans
  • Visitors
  • Blocked
  1. Someone annoys me, what shall be my actions? There are two ways: to report a member for inappropriate behavior or to block them. To block a member, open the profile and click on “Block Member” at the bottom of the page. You will no longer receive messages or private chat requests from this person.
  2. Can I get scammed on the Hot or Not website? The website’s system is only accepting serious profiles while protecting your sensitive data and guaranteeing anonymity. Creators believe that it is not mandatory to have billions of members to meet the right person. “Surf the website in a climate of love. Our goal is all profiles and photos to be carefully checked by our professionals and manual method to ensure the integrity of each member and to keep the filtered users.”
  3. Can I unlock another user? If you choose to share someone, you can do so by clicking on “People” and then “Locked.” To delete a user from the blocked list, click the Remove icon next to the selected profile.
  4. If I don’t find people on Hot or Not, can I send them an invitation? Yes, of course. You can send invitations by visiting the Invite Friends page. Enter their names/emails, add a personalized message and a confirmation number (anti-spam).
  5. How can I report a member or improper/stolen pictures on the Hot or Not website? Anyone who does not comply with general terms and conditions will have their account blocked or deleted. The same applies to photos or other content uploaded to the Hot or Not platform. At the bottom of each page/under each photo, you will find a “Report” button that you can use to report a profile for one of the following reasons:
  • Sexually explicit
  • Adult content
  • Violation of the terms of use
  • Graphic violence
  • Hate speech

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Launched in 2000, the Hot or Not platform has a core membership of over 384,000,000 users, and the focus here is on high-quality interactions for users who don’t want to waste their time. Having multiple advantages, Hot or Not deserves respectful 4.5 points out of 5. We strongly recommend you to have a look at the Hot or Not platform, even if you plan to start as a free of cost member at the beginning. We hope that our tips and recommendations in this Hot or Not review have been of interest and useful for your online dating experience.

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