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AsianDate Review 2023

AsianDate Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating service provides an opportunity to meet with Asian females exclusively.
  • The male members of the website are not allowed to view each other's information.
  • Users can get a discount on their purchase of first credits.
  • There is no monthly fee for dating services. AsianDate online services come with a mobile app.
  • The interface of the website is simple and easy to use.
  • Users have to face high costs for additional services.
  • Comprises of only Asian females
  • The website used a prepaid payment mode.
  • There is a flow of permanent incoming letters that make users doubt the authenticity of female profiles.

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AsianDate is an online niche dating website. It offers services mostly to the American singles who want to date females with Asian backgrounds. The website provides a platform where members can do live chatting and share video cam with Asian females. With all the fantastic features, the site has its share of controversies. Are these controversies genuine or not? We will let you know in our AsianDate review. The site has been in the dating business since the early 2000s. The dating website took pride in itself as the leading international dating service. At present AsianDate features profiles of thousands of Asian women. There has been some controversy that the dating website is not legit. Whether it’s legit or scam, let’s get into the detailed AsianDate review to know the answers.

How to know AsianDate is Legit or Scam?

How to know AsianDate is Legit or Scam?

Single men can choose from thousands of gorgeous Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Philippine women. AsianDate, without a doubt, is one of the most famous matchmaking services in Asia. With time there have been many controversies about whether the site is legit or scam. Some members have claimed in the past about AsianDate to be a scam. Over time their claims have proved inaccurate, and we can safely say that people can put their trust in the AsianDate website.

The question is, how can one know that AsianDate is an authentic site?

The answer is AsianDate company has developed a strict policy against scams. The policy is designed to protect its members from online dating scams. The skilled and professional technical team of AsianDate has developed a foolproof system against scams. The system tracks and monitors every activity on the website. If suspicious activity is reported, it goes to a team, which took action by investigating the source of a potential scam.

Once examined, they took action accordingly. AsianDate offers tips for recognizing scammers and how to stay safe on online websites.

The reason most of the people think AsianDate is a scam is the high cost of its services. Receiving and sending your first letter is free, but the use of any additional services require credit purchase starting from 3.90 USD. One noteworthy point about AsianDate is the site is not a mere dating site; they offer multiple services that come with a price. All these services and features validate the authenticity of AsianDate.

There are many positive testimonials of the couples who claim to find true love through the AsianDate platform. Many members recommend the dating website to their friends and colleagues.

What Sort Of Members Are On This Site

What Sort Of Members Are On This Site

The exact number of AsianDate members who have not disclosed their significant audience exact figure is still an unanswered question. The females of the AsianDate are mostly from the five Asian countries.

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • China
  • India

You can find some female members from other Asian states, but they are few in numbers. One aspect to keep in mind is that the AsianDate dating website is strictly for men, or one can say it’s a dating website for single men only. It caters to the needs of American men who want to date females from an Asian background.

After login to your account, you are automatically taken to a page with women profiles. You came to see the link clearly that notifies about online members. Members can even chat with other female members if wanted. Users can use the search option if they are looking for more details. You can elaborate in as detail as you want what you want in your female partner.

The basic search filters the members in terms of location and age. There is also an option of an advance search where you can be as specific as you want. You can enter specifications such as height, weight, number of children, and even level of English. You can be as accurate as you want to find the best match from the female profiles.

Sexual Orientation On the Dating Site

After our AsianDate review, we came to know that the gender ratio is 75% females and 25% men. Only male members are allowed to make profiles. The male members are also restricted from viewing other male members. The search only shows female profiles. As a niche site, most of the female profiles have Asian backgrounds.

Primarily men using AsianDate are looking for virtual relationships. AsianDate claims that their dating services belong in the Far East. Unless the male members are ready to travel across borders to any Asian country, which is the only way to date, they have to rely on the screen to meet their potential partners. Who knows their virtual date agrees to reciprocate, and the virtual date turns into a serious relationship and eventually ends in marriage.

Guide to AsianDate Age Distribution on the site

At AsianDate, you can find females and male members of a variety of ages. As mentioned above, the fraction of female members is higher than the male members. If we distribute the members in terms of ages, it seems that it ranges between

  • 18 – 24
  • 25 – 34
  • 35 – 44
  • 45 – 54
  • 55+

Mostly the members between the age of 25 and 34 are found on the AsianDate dating website. However, there is a significant number of other members of different ages.

Sexual Orientation On the Dating Site

Guide To AsianDate Age Distribution On the site

At AsianDate, you can find females and male members of a variety of ages. As mentioned above, the fraction of female members is higher than the male members. If we distribute the members in terms of ages, it seems that it ranges between

  • 18 – 24
  • 25 – 34
  • 35 – 44
  • 45 – 54
  • 55+

Mostly the members between the age of 25 and 34 are found on the AsianDate dating website. However, there is a significant number of other members of different ages.

Signing Up Process And Login Info of AsianDate

Now, you know all the details about the AsianDate dating website. It’s time to get to the next step. The sign-up procedure could be understood in these steps:

The simple and straightforward login process.

The simplest way to register for an account is through your Facebook account. If you sign in through a Facebook account, you don’t have to type an email address or other information. The website will automatically gather your personal information from your Facebook account. Even your picture is uploaded from your Facebook. However, you can change your photo if you want.

If you don’t prefer using your Facebook account or profile, sign in with your email address. Enter your email ID on the website. Next, enter your first name, your age, and a new password for your account.

Uploading pictures

Uploading photos is a requirement to sign in, which could be skipped if chosen. We recommend you upload your best photo to get messages. Usually, a profile without pictures doesn’t get many responses. Put some effort into choosing the perfect view the ladies would love.

Improve matches feature

AsianDate has an impressive matching algorithm. It’s for the benefits of the members, so use it for your advantage. You can use the match standards like age, physical appearance, and character to get the promising matches. Adding relevant information to your profile, you can add as much data to your profile as you desire.

Describe your personality and hobbies for the best matches. The process could be lengthy but worth every minute in the end. There are seven personality questions for the members to answer. You can skip this question, but it is recommended not to. These answers will help to understand your personality.

Verification of your account

After filling all the information, the last step is verification. Users have to provide some kind of identity proof for verification. You can omit this step if you are not comfortable in sharing your information. But verifying your account could get you more response and a verified badge on the profile.

Signing Up Process And Login Info of AsianDate

What is The Profile Creation Process?

There are few primary fields on AsianDate for creating a profile for male members. There is only appearance, character, and interest.

Then comes the paragraph fields here. The members can write something about themselves. It is advisable to use descriptive words to describe your personality, so your profile looks appealing. Once you have provided the relevant information about yourself, the next step is providing information on what you are looking for.

As for the female members, they feature a considerable amount of information. The photo galleries of female profiles are mostly full. Some of the female profiles have published videos. Men with paid credits could only see these videos. Usually, dating sites encourage their members to complete their profiles after signing up. AsianDate has not taken a traditional route; they don’t force their members to complete their profile. It seems that completing a profile with information and pictures is not essential to get female attention. If you have an empty profile, there will still be many messages in your inbox by female members. These messages are from genuine female profiles, or bots are yet to be investigated or proved.

What is The Profile Creation Process?

Messaging And Other Way Of Communication

After the AsianDate review, we have collected the tools of communication the dating website uses. How can members communicate with each other through the AsianDate platform? The messaging system is as follow:

Email system

The option is provided by AsianDate to its members to send and receive email messages. You need to click on the envelope icon on the person’s profile and start sending and receiving email messages. It’s the modern approach to writing. It’s romantic as well as faster than snail mail.

Call me

If you are not interested in sending email messages, you can try calling and opt for the “Call Me” option. The feature allows you to do voice chat with your potential match. You need to reserve a time slot of one day so that you can ensure the availability of your virtual friend.

Cam share

AsianDate has spare no expense to connect you with Asian beauties you are interested in. On the profiles of the beautiful females, you will see an icon that states CamShare.

By clicking the button, you will be able to connect to the beauty of interest. This service is a great way to verify the identity of the females you are interested in.

Live chatting

This option can be used in three different ways.

  • Live Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Live games

With the live chat option, you can chat with people currently online.

With the Live video option, the basics are the same as the live chat. You can enjoy the visual and audio as well.

Last but not least, Live games allow you to play various games with anyone you want on the AsianDate website.

Apart from all the virtual services, AsianDate provides its members with the opportunity to meet in person. The most popular service provided by AsianDate is Romance Tours, which has maintained its popularity for 20 years. These opportunities offer people an excellent opportunity to meet in social events.

Messaging And Other Way Of Communication

Platforms for Using AsianDate Dating Service

The desktop version of AsianDate: How It looks?

Thereupon the AsianDate review, we can say that we love the interface of the dating website. The website contains lots of pictures. It works fast, even with slow internet speed, and the efficiency is not compromised. The necessary buttons are impossible to miss and are simple to understand. You know which button means what. We can’t say it’s excellent, but it’s clean and straightforward. It’s quite easy to use on your desktop computer. With one click of the mouse, you can send messages and view profiles.

Is There Any Mobile App For The Dating Website?

AsianDate Mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android users. In terms of features, the mobile app and the website are not much different. The only difference between the app and the desktop version is the messaging feature at the bottom of every woman profile in the app. The mobile app provides a faster and convenient way of using AsianDate. Members are notified with every new message with a pop up in the header of the app.

Design and Usability of the Dating Site

The design and interface of the AsianDate website are simple and straightforward. The search and features tabs are easy to navigate. On the right side of the site, you can see ladies who are online and available for chatting. Every interchanging or activity on AsianDate has a glowing call to action button, which encourages users to buy credits.

How To Navigate the Dating Website

AsianDate review shows us that you can understand the website at first glance. The simple language makes navigation easy. The prominent sign-up icon is in plain sight. It redirects to the sign-up page. The processes are organized in the best way to experience the site at its full.

Design and Usability of the Dating Site

AsianDate Costs and Prices For Premium Members

AsianDate is designed in a way that to experience its full features, you have to pay. As a free member, you can only create an account and use the search option. You need to pay even if you want to know a female member. AsianDate processes on a credit basis. You need to have a specific number of credits to perform any action. However, there is no particular guideline about the credits each activity costs.

Free member access

  • Registration process
  • Creating profile
  • Searching members
  • Reading letter sent by female members

Paid member services

  • Replying to letters Live to chat with female members
  • CamShare
  • Viewing videos on female profiles
  • Virtual gifts
  • Delivery of flowers and presents
  • A three-way call with an interpreter

Gold membership

  • One-month subscription fee: $30
  • Three months subscription fee: $60
  • Twelve months subscription fee: $120

Platinum membership

  • One-month subscription fee: $35
  • Three months subscription fee: $70
  • Twelve months subscription fee: $150

Paid vs. Free Access to the Website

How to Pay for Premium services

Members can purchase credit through credit cards and PayPal on AsianDate.

Payment Systems the dating Site Offer

AsianDate dating website sells prepaid credits. Members require these credits instead of memberships for paid features. For every first order, members are offered huge discounts.

Members can buy 29 credits for $2.99 instead of $15.99.

With credits, members can live chat or video chat with female members on the dating website. It cost almost ten credits, which are worth $8. A 10 minute can cost about 100 credits, which are worth $80.

Virtual gifts could also be bought with 15 credits that are worth $10 if you want to deliver flowers or presents in real to the women it ranges between 12 to 869 credits.

Members have the opportunity to recharge their credits automatically. Refunds need approval from the website, and the website doesn’t give back more than ten credits. Members are not allowed to make any anonymous payments for safety purposes.

Does The Site have Trustworthy Safety And Security Policies?

There have been many spam complaints from people, which made us look for safety in our AsianDate review. There is no specific guideline on safe online dating. AsianDate does mention that they have strict standards of vetting their members. The experienced and skilled technical staff of the website monitor every activity on the site. These strict systems make website safe and secure for its members.

Does The Site have Trustworthy Safety And Security Policies?

What are the Strategies of The Site To Avoid Scams?

At AsianDate, you have an option to verify or skip the process of verification. Even though it’s not obligatory, if you verify your account, you get more messages. The verified process could be helpful to identify fake profiles. Try to connect with only those women who have verified badges.

The verification process is quick and straightforward; you just need to provide some identification proof.

As AsianDate caters to males, the male members rarely get scammed. However, one can never be too careful. Here are steps you should follow while using the online dating service.

  • Never send any money to any female members no matter how desperate she is.
  • Always report any suspicious activity to the customer service.
  • Be smart in choosing your partner.
  • Always countercheck female profiles by putting their photos on Google.
  • Try to connect with only verified profiles.

What are the Strategies of The Site To Avoid Scams?

What are the Special Features of the Website?

AsianDate hookup or dating services offer some unique features to its members. However, all of these features are for paid members. These features are paid only once and do not have any monthly charges. Some of these features include:

Call to a female member accompanied by a translator

Members can call any AsianDate female members on the phone. They don’t have to fear any rules or protocols. They just need to purchase the calling service. The website recommends its members to make calls with a translator so that there are no language misinterpretations.

Virtual gifts

If you like a female member, you are chatting with AsianDate. You can surprise these female members with virtual gifts. These virtual gifts could be bought with 15 credits. They are one-time payment services. You can send as many gifts as you want to as many ladies.

Gift Delivery

You want to make your date happy with a gift the dating website provides by delivering the gifts to their destination within five days. After receiving the gift, your lady partner will send a confirmation photo that confirms the contribution is received.

Final Verdict on AsianDate Dating Website

Final Verdict on AsianDate Dating Website

After the detailed AsianDate review, we concluded that AsianDate provides a great platform to single men seeking females of Asian background. The dating website is full of thousands of Asian profiles that are available for taking. Members can avail of the service of live chat or schedule a phone call. The male members have all the control in their hands; they can choose any dressed up pretty female and connect. It doesn’t seem like the female has many choices here.

All in all, the website has many amazing features that make it exclusive. No doubt, the premium members enjoy the full experience of the website. They could purchase credits to buy gifts, whether virtual or real. The calls even paid are a great feature. AsianDate is a garden full of Asian beauties who are available to be plucked off by their suitors, either virtual or real.

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